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Romeo y Julieta, the name alone makes you want to fall in love with cigars!

Romeo y Julieta, the name alone makes you want to fall in love with cigars!

The story begins with two factory workers: Inocencio Alvarez and Manin Garcia, who launched what will become one of the most famous brands in the world: Romeo Y Julieta. Created in Cuba in 1875, the cigars quickly won numerous tasting medals in competitions and exhibitions as soon as they were created, between 1885 and 1900.

The company reached a higher level when the businessman and former director of the Cabañas factory, Jose Rodriguez Fernandez, bought Romeo Y Julieta in 1903. He increased the prestige of the brand and put the company on the road to success, before dying in 1954, just before the nationalization of Cuba.

A match made in Havana, Cuba
All the gold medal exhibitions won during the first 25 years of the brand: Antwerp (1885), Paris (1889), Brussels (1897), and again Paris (1900).

Why would anyone name a cigar after a tragedy?

As you may have guessed, the famous author Shakespeare was behind this choice. At the request of torcedors, tobacco readers would often read the story of Romeo Y Julieta while rolling all day. — A story very similar to that of the Montecristo brand!

To emphasize the luxurious and romantic experience of smoking a Romeo Y Julieta, the brand’s logo depicts the famous scene from the story, a kiss between two lovers that everything separates.
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Romeo Y Julieta & Churchill

Not everyone can have a dedicated Habanos, but Winston Churchill was not just anyone! After learning of Churchill’s enormous love for Cubans, and in particular for the Romeo Y Julieta, the brand wanted to show its appreciation to the British minister. And probably have some free publicity. 😉

Sir Winston Churchill didn’t demand that his own vitola be named after him, but Rodriguez dedicated one to him anyway. Churchill’s favorite cigar at the time, the Julieta No.2, was renamed Churchill and has since become Romeo y Julieta’s flagship cigar! Many of the brand’s other cigars were also named after the former British Prime Minister, such as the Short Churchill, Wide Churchills and Little Churchills.

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